2nd International Conference on Risk Analysis and Crisis Response (RACR-2009)

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The Conference took place on October 19-21, 2009 in Beijing, hosted by the Peking University (PKU) and organized by the Risk Analysis Council of China Association for Disaster Prevention (RAC), under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Chongfu Huang, President of Risk Analysis Council of China Association for Disaster Prevention.


EU-VRi managers had a very prominent role during the conference with plenary speeches and special sessions.

Aleksandar Jovanovic and Olivier Salvi introduced a special session on iNTeg-Risk project to seek for cooperation on the integrated risk management. The following presentations were delivered:

-       Prof. Aleksandar Jovanovic: iNTeg-Risk project: Providing the basis for a harmonized EU response to the challenges of New Technologies.

-       Olivier Salvi: Convergence towards integrated risk management: From SHAPE-RISK to iNTeg-Risk

-       Prof. Chongfu Huang: Links between iNTeg-Risk and Chinese Programs

In addition, Olivier Salvi, who was acting as co-chair of the RACR 2009 programme committee, gave a plenary speech entitled How to improve the Control of Major Accident Hazards?

The conference was a great success with almost 150 participants, from which half were from China, and the other half from more than 30 countries (with a great majority of European participants). Several topics were well covered, in particular the NaTech issues, environmental risks, and the risks related to nanotechnologies and to transport.

An important outcome if the conference was the official creation of SRA China, which means the affiliation of a Chinese group of risk analysts to the Society for Risk Analysis. This was declared during the opening ceremony by Jonathan Wiener (SRA Past President) and the SRA Risk Leader Summit ended with the Beijing Declaration, which identify the directions for cooperation between SRA Regions.