The 1st China-Europe Risk Forum (22-23 October 2009)

EU-VRi was a sponsor and co-organizer of the 1st China-Europe Risk Forum that took place just after the RACR conference, on 22-23 October 2009. The Forum was hosted by the Beijing Municipal Institute of Labor Protection, represented by Prof. Bin Zhang, Director of BMILP. SRA Europe was also a sponsor of this event.

The European Programme Committee of the Risk Forum was composed by:

  • Bastien Affeltranger, INERIS
  • Lars Bodsberg, SINTEF
  • Roberto Bubbico, Univ. Roma (“La Sapienza”)
  • Aleksandar Jovanovic, EU-VRi / Univ. Stuttgart
  • Olivier Salvi, EU-VRi / INERIS
The China-Europe Risk Forum aims at developing partnerships between Chinese and European scientists in the field of risk analysis. It involves exchanging results of on-going research programmes, jointly defining research programmes and preparing common projects and short term initiatives. The Forum lasted 2 days and dealt with the general theme of Emerging Risks. The focus was upon Emerging Risks related to New Materials, Technologies and Products, as well as New Production Processes and Complex Industrial Systems, and Transport Systems and Networks.

On each topic, a group of scientists drawn from both regions presented the regional point of view and challenges. This gave the opportunity to start working together on the selected topics:


1. Risks related to hazardous substances and processes in the industry: Roberto Bubbico

2. Risks related to Transport Systems and Networks, including "life line" transporting utilities, products and information: Olivier Salvi

3. Risks triggered by natural disasters: Bastien Affeltranger

4. Methods and approaches for risk assessment and management: Aleksandar Jovanovic

5. Risk Policies, Monitoring, Governance and Communication: Lars Bodsberg


The programme of the Forum can be downloaded here.


A total of 50 experts participated in the Risk Forum. Participants from Europe were:

  • Marc Poumadère, Simlog, FR
  • Francesco Di Maio, Politec. Milano, IT
  • Germano Resconi, Catholic University de Brescia, IT


After the success of this Forum, the organizers decided to continue the initiative and to prepare actively joint project and the next session of the forum, planned in 2011 in Europe.