Partnership development – On-going activities

BMILP as EU-VRi Associated Member

A major outcome of the visit in Beijing in October 2009 was the interest from BMILP to become an associated member of EU-VRi. Prof. Bin Zhang, Director of BMILP, deputized Prof. Wang Tong, the Vice-Director of BMILP, to become the representative of BMILP in EU-VRi.

With this membership, EU-VRi expects generating new initiatives between BMILP and other EU-VRi members.


China-Europe Workshop at the 2nd iNTeg-Risk conference, on June 18, 2010 in Stuttgart (Germany)

In order to develop the dialog between Chinese and European experts in risk analysis, EU-VRi has organized a workshop in the framework of the 2nd iNTeg-Risk conference.

The objective of the workshop is to develop cooperation between Europe and China on emerging risks, as a follow up of the 1st China-Europe Risk Forum that took place in October 2009 in Beijing, hosted by BMILP and sponsored by SRA-Europe and EU-VRi.

The workshop will enable to review existing cooperation and initiate new ones on the selected topics:

1. Risks related to hazardous substances and processes in the industry: Roberto Bubbico

2. Risks related to Transport Systems and Networks, including "life line" transporting utilities, products and information: Olivier Salvi

3. Risks triggered by natural disasters: Bastien Affeltranger

4. Methods and approaches for risk assessment and management: Aleksandar Jovanovic

5. Risk Policies, Monitoring, Governance and Communication: Lars Bodsberg

In particular, in order to stimulate the cross participation in projects, prior to the workshop, the participants of the conference will be asked to fill in a form presenting project opportunities, with a specification of the profile of the partners expected.

The outcome of the workshop will be the creation of partnership to submit proposals for collaborative research or scientific activities in European or Chinese programmes.


Expand the group of interested stakeholders

The visibility of the initiative of the China-Europe Risk Forum has to be increased in order to reach a critical mass and obtain interest from programme owners. Therefore, EU-VRi manager intend to develop cooperation with other initiatives such as China-Europa Forum ( and the European Risk Forum (

Of course, the partnership with SRA Europe will continue so that SRA Europe members can play an active role in the scientific cooperation.


2nd China-Europe Risk Forum in 2012

The European Committee will organize the 2nd edition of the China-Europe Risk Forum in 2012. The local organizing committee as well as the venue has still to be defined.